Pinnable Me: The Non-Work Edition

Our school building opened up this week for teachers, which means I have spent the past three out of four days working on getting my classroom set up. The only reason I didn’t go today was that they didn’t open up. A blessing in disguise, I believe. Off and on this summer, I’ve had spurts of productivity, working hard on creating documents, formatting labels, reading books, and pinning ideas (gotta love Pinterest!). In fact, this week it’s been a struggle to come home and get much of anything done in the evenings, including blogging. Since I have one week until I officially have to go back to work, and therefore only one more week to fully enjoy my “summer break,” I thought I’d focus on something totally different for Pinnable Me, hosted by paw prints and pastry bags.

Here are a few home ideas I’m loving over on Pinterest:


My bed has been decked out in blues and greens for years, but after seeing this beauty, I’m considering a change to something whiter and brighter. Maybe the addition of a white quilt would be enough?


I just adore this sign for the front door! It’s also in my DIY folder because it looks so do-able. Either way, it’s definitely something I want for my home.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest


And, finally… I’m not madly in love with the colors of this desk, but I am all over the set-up. I love the idea of using a table as a desk so long as it stays clutter-free. This picture sums up almost exactly what I’m looking to find and then put together for my apartment.

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Pinnable Me: DIY

This morning I’m linking up with Paw Prints & Pastry Bag’s Pinnable Me with a few DIY projects I’d love to complete. I just adore finding easy DIY projects, even if I rarely ever complete them.  I’m hoping to jump on these (especially the doorknob rack and soap dispenser) very soon.


Have you found any great DIY projects lately?

A Little Visual Stimulation – Home Decor Edition

Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I am able to “pin” and hang on to all kinds of inspiration photos. I have boards going for classroom ideas, quotes I love, recipes, and organization among others. As I’m on a decorating kick, I thought I’d share a few home decorating photos that caught my eye.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

Source: None via Maggie on Pinterest

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