Weight Watchers Wednesday / Thursday

I’m so late writing this that it’s practically Thursday. Today was just a wild day running around Charlotte shopping for school supplies, followed by a killer headache, all ended with a delicious lemonade cupcake.

And speaking of delectable delights, I thought I’d share with you a website that I just love, that has unknowingly kept me on track when it comes to Weight Watchers. For all of my non-WW friends, don’t shy away from this site. I’m afraid I’d love it even if I were not on the plan!

Ginas Skinny Recipes

Skinny Taste is the home of 90% of my favorite recipes, including the Pink Lemonade Confetti Cupcakes. I also adore the Strawberry Squares. Obviously I’m a fan of sweets.

I’ve also found great success with their supper recipes, even ones that please the not-on-a-diet boyfriend. The Lighter Chicken Saltimbocca and Corn Salsa with Lime are favorites that show up often in my meal plan.

Now it’s your turn: What websites are helping you lose or maintain weight?


Weight Watchers Wednesday: Snacks

I joined Weight Watchers Online 12 weeks ago and have had pretty good success with the program thus far. Lately, I have been toying with the idea of doing a Weight Watchers Wednesday post every week to help keep myself accountable and offer tips that I’ve picked up as I go through this program. By no means am I an expert – heck, I’ve only lost a whopping 9.6 lbs, but my eating habits have changed dramatically.

I’m a big snacker – I could eat all day long if I let myself, so a struggle early on was finding appropriate snacks that are low in points and fill me up. Here are a few ideas that have kept me on track:

  • Fruit (of course!) – 0 points
  • Jell-O Sugar Free Snacks – 0 points
  • All natural applesauce – 0 points
  • Sargento Light string cheese – 1 point
  • Fruit Roll-Up Simply Wildberry – 1 point
  • Hershey’s Bliss Milk Chocolate (1 piece) – 1 point
  • Dannon Light & Fit – 2 points
What are your tried-and-true snacks for staying healthy?